The Amy Lynch Investigations Podcast

Show notes for Episode 8: Interview with Candy O’Terry (@candyoterry) for her podcast The Story Behind Her Success. In her own unique way, Candy explores with me the origins of my writing career and the benefits writing has brought to my life, as well as my suggestions for other aspiring writers as they begin their careers.

Show notes for Episode 7: The Backstory Interviews #1 – Avenging Madonna is the first in a series of short (~10 minute) interviews in which I focus on the origins of my stories and of my writing career. In this episode I talk about how the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California became the inspiration for my sixth and latest book in the Amy Lynch Investigations series, and how the story of murder and dust-covered mayhem evolved.

Show notes for Episode 6: In Coming Attractions, I’ll let you know what else is on the agenda for Amy, and describe a few adventures currently in the works.

Show notes for Episode 5: In Deep Secrets, I’ll tell you how to cope when your old flame is in a coma, and what you might do if you can’t make a living selling roses by the side of the road.

Show notes for Episode 4: In Direct Elimination, I’ll demonstrate how my favorite sport – fencing – can occasionally be deadly, and why you should never bury your troubles, or mistakes, too close to home.

Show notes for Episode 3: In Dead Drop, I’ll show you how quickly a good vacation can turn bad, even in Paris, as well as how digging up the past can put a person in a clear and present danger. 

Show notes for Episode 2: In Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death, I’ll tell you about the quirky charm of Key West, and why you should avoid the key lime coconut petit-fours.

Show notes for Episode 1: In the Beginning describes how my husband shamed me into beginning my writing career, and the times we spent sitting in restaurants discussing various ways to kill people.