Deep Secrets – Review

A recent review of Deep Secrets has this to say:

Amy Lynch, is at it again. In this third mystery by P. K. Norton featuring the intrepid and sharply inquisitive insurance investigator, Norton has done it again–spot that “something odd, something out of place”, and with a combination of intellect and intuition start to expose and finally, in a classic “running out of pages” resolution and denouement, resolve the deepening mystery.

But it’s more than just a great puzzle and engaging characters that makes Norton’s mysteries so much fun. There’s the out-of-the-blue lightening bolts of humor, and with each new novel a deepening exposure of the “regular” relationships in Amy Lynch’s life, from friends and family to professional associates to canine confidants.

If you’re new to Norton’s Amy Lynch mysteries, just dive in. If you’ve enjoyed her first two books, well…enjoy your swim.

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