Deadly Diamonds

My upcoming book, Deadly Diamonds, the fifth of the Amy Lynch Investigations, will be available on October 15. Jordan Rich of WBZ iHeart Radio recently reviewed Deadly Diamonds on his regular feature The Book Club. Here is what he had to say:

PK Norton is back with another finely cut mystery! It’s Amy Lynch at her best, investigating a rash of diamond robberies and related murders. Murder is in the air and Amy is in a race to solve the crime before she too becomes a victim. One cannot help but admire Amy as we stay up late reading to find out how she will go about cracking another beguiling case. She is resourceful, smart and just the kind of woman all of us want to root for.

–Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston, iHeart media


Surprise Interview

Tom and I bought a car yesterday in Jackson Tennessee. We needed an automatic since I cannot handle a standard. Greg Wood from WNWS talk radio, a local station, was broadcasting from the dealership when we were there. The salesman told him I was an author. He decided an interview was in order. We had a delightful chat about my mystery series, the Amy Lynch Investigations, and my upcoming new release, Deadly Diamonds. Such fun!



Home from the hospital! Fractured skull is healing. Brain bleeds have stopped. Brain swelling going down. Residual effects of concussion – nausea, headaches, balance issues – are likely to hang around for a while. The crazy thing about my accident is that in the book I am currently working on to come out next spring, Amy Lynch has an accident that results in a concussion. I now know that I got it all wrong! Hell of a way to do research. Oh well, back to the drawing board.


The Amy Lynch Investigations Podcast – Episode 5

Episode #5 of The Amy Lynch Investigations Podcast has been uploaded.

Podcast Description:

I’ve learned two things in my life: 1) Few things in this world are as ordinary as they may seem and 2) even insurance can be interesting. This knowledge is what led me to create Amy Lynch. Amy is the brain-child of my late husband and myself. Savvy and sassy, and more than a little bit bold, Amy works as an investigator for New England Casualty & Indemnity. The job takes her to a variety of places – some exotic; some romantic; some seemingly banal, yet full of surprises – all places where I’ve had a few adventures of my own. These podcasts discuss the origins of Amy’s adventures, how they grew out of people and events in my own life, and how much fun I’ve had putting it all together.

The title is: Deep Secrets

Show Notes:

In Deep Secrets, I’ll tell you how to cope when your old flame is in a coma, and what you might do if you can’t make a living selling roses by the side of the road.

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