A round of applause

The day my article was featured in the local newspaper, I went to the 7-11 to buy several copies. A group of men having their morning coffee looked at me and asked if I was indeed the Woman of Mystery on the front page. When I said yes, I was greeted with a round of applause. Fun!

Partners in Crime

Deep Secrets available now!

Jordan Rich of WBZ iHeart Radio has reviewed Deep Secrets. He says: “If you love reading solid mysteries with a heroine you can identify with, then look no further than novelist P.K. Norton. ‘Deep Secrets’ is her latest installment featuring intrepid insurance investigator Amy Lynch. Amy is no ordinary sleuth and the mystery set in and around Cape Cod will keep you guessing to the end!”

Deep Secrets is now available at:, Barnes and, Stillwater and superior bookstores everywhere.

Partners in Crime

Kirkus loves Deep Secrets!

Kirkus has reviewed Deep Secrets, the third installment in the Amy Lynch Investigations. They said: “Norton draws on her experience working in the insurance to good effect in this latest series outing. … (She) manages to make insurance-related details as compelling as evidence collection in a conventional murder mystery. The plot is well-paced, the characters well-drawn … The protagonist’s clear sense of purpose helps her stand up to much larger men (she’s only 4 feet, 11 inches tall) … Her intelligence, determination and compassion help to round out her character. She may be hard-nosed, but she’s not hard-boiled. An entertaining, well-plotted mystery that offers good characterization and unexpected twists and turns.”
Deep Secrets will be available as of August 1.